Monday, January 24, 2005

Job interview

Now, I tell you the scenario: I already work for one of the best known IT company in the world, and I do a job that should be technical, but that a monkey could do as well; my own brain-cpu is in idle all the time, the highest level of usage are recorded when I go to piss in the toilet, trying to target the hole. Well, I am so feed up that I applied "en mass" for new jobs on several sites. Here I report a fucking stupid converstation on the phone with a guy from an agency.

Q: Why do you want to leave your current company?
A: I am very happy about the current job in [My Company]. [My Company] is a great company who helped me to develop new skills. I am both interested in hardware and software issues, but I would like to develop much more software skills, while [My Company] is an hardware producer, so my knowledge is toward an hardware specialization rather than software. This is the main reason why I am looking for a new challenge within a new organization where to grow and progress.
Reality: I am fucking fed up with this crap of company. The leaders of the company are just morons assholes who think to earn billions with their crap management styles, full of bullshits and nothing of practical. They pay less than any other company, the canteen is horrible and very expensive, the colleagues are mostly ass-kissers and they kill each other like dogs just for a bone or crambs. I would rather eat my own balls rather than stay here in this company a few other months. My main colleague is a bitch - hore who does drugs and try to be sweet with any manager having a working dick. Furthermore the hore likes to keep for herself any useful information available instead of sharing as a team leader should. This is just part of the picture... I could say much more.

Q: Do you still want to work in a technical support role?
A: Yes, of course. I am very interested in any technical role, where my technical skills are required.
Reality: I have a family to maintain. What the fuck do you want me to do? I have technical skills, that's what I have done for living till now. What do you want me to do? Going to work as a waiter? So I prefer to work in this fucking technical customer care jobs rather than being at home on the social welfare. I just hope to go work for a better company than the current one (holy shit, the current one is really the worst).

Q: Would you like to relocate in another city of this lovely island?
A: Of course, it's my career to decide where I live. That's the most important poin for me. It doesn't matter to relocate if I have the chance to work for the right company.
Reality: See the "Reality" section of the first question. Furthermore, I would go in Congo to work rather than continue to work for this crap of company.

Q: Are you customer focused?
A: Of course, to me customer satisfaction is very important. Nothing makes me more happy than providing angry customers with good solutions that makes them happy.
Reality: Of course I can be polite and politically correct with the customer. But of course, it doesn't make me happy to deal with them... 50 calls a day on the phone, and they shout to me? Go fuck yourself, you and your fucking broken machine. Of course I won't be ever rude with customers on the phone, but excuse me Sir... I am not dumb, who ever is gonna answer "no I am not customer focused?"... hence the question make no sense.

How silly are those questions... everybody knows that everybody answers to them with just what they want to hear.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Politically Incorrect

In this blog I will post controversial comments and thoughts: things you wouldn't say because it's politically incorrect to say certain things. So it borns the Politically Incorrect blog. I don't speak English at a native level, so unless you speak my own language like a mother tongue be patient or go fuck yourself.